Below mentioned workshops are suitable for several surroundings. Cosy and cheerful for birthday or bachelor parties in which the content can be focused on one person or all participants. For business events a more practical focus can be useful, e.g. think of reading striking characteristics of the hand or the use of your intuition during a job interview. For children the approach is more playful. The content is very flexible depending on your wishes. Whatever occasion, all workshops guarantee gaining basic knowledge in a practical and cheerful way. A workshop can be held at any location designated by you.

Workshop palmistry on location

With the hands as teaching material information will be given about palmistry and nail diagnostics. In a nutshell the hands of those present can be read on an individual basis or explanation of several lines, fingerprints and other features of the hand can be taught in a classic way. Special themes or questions of a specific target group can be included flexibly.

Basic workshop palmistry

Palmistry is an old science that tells you something about your personality, abilities, qualities and character traits. It is already possible to read these characteristics in the hand at birth. Fingerprints and skinprints do not change, but all other details in the hand may change depending on your development. That is why you cannot really predict the future.

Your hands give you insight in your qualities, choice of profession and your health for example. The talent you are born with or things you are developing, physical challenges, way of thinking... everything is written in the hand. Next to fingerprints you can read lines, nails, position of fingers, colour, shape, etcetera. Each area in the hand gives you specific information and help you become (more) aware of a given situation.

In this two-hour workshop you will learn the basics of palmistry. We will discuss colours, meaning of the areas, primary lines and fingerprints among other things. At the end of the workshop you will be able to apply the things you learned immediately. Anyone can participate in this workshop.

Date: 7 September 2019
Location: Heerhugowaard
Time: 2 hours, from 10:00h to 12:00h
Price: € 25.- per person

Workshop cosmic connection

Everything in the universe is interconnected. Bodies, trees, water, houses, everything is energy. Because everything is energy, everything flows into each other and that is the connection. The numbers of your date of birth tell you about your life’s mission, the colors of the rainbow correspond to the chakras, squares are associated with earth, positions of the planets tell us something about your current situation... There are countless examples.

In this workshop we emphasize the connection between numerology, colors, food, shapes and astrology. You get information about the tree of life and your body and the affect around it. You learn to look in a logical way to connections and the meaning of it. At the end of the workshop you have a better understanding of those connections. Anyone can participate in this workshop.

Date: to be determined
Location: Heerhugowaard
Time: 2 hours, from 10:00h to 12:00h
Price: € 25.- per person

Workshop intuitive development / mindfulness

Your intuition is an insight. You sense something. It is even more than that. It’s a different level of observing, more extensive. Everything is energy. People, animals, plants, objects, thoughts, etcetera. Also your intuition is energy. Energy is the source of our existence and our information. Listen to this information gives you access to, for example, where certain reaction patterns come from, what actions help you further or what gives you positive energy. Many people already listen to their intuition unconsciously. Learn to listen more consciously helps you to take effective steps. In this way you can help yourself in a constructive manner. Because of the practical, useful information you will get a better understanding of a particular situation and you will be able change it. It helps you to make choices that fit you better and help you further develop yourself.

From the perspective that everything is energy and information you will learn how to rely on your intuition in this two hour workshop. Using exercises you will experience how it feels to make use of your intuition more consciously. At the end of the workshop you will know how to bring this into practice in daily life. Anyone can participate in this workshop.

Date: to be determined
Location: Heerhugowaard
Time: 2 hours, from 19:00h to 21:00h
Price: € 25.- per person

Workshop meditation and visualisation

Meditating is calming the mind. There are several meditation techniques to help you in obtaining inner peace. For every occasion you can determine which technique works best for you at that time. These techniques are tools to support you. After you gain more experience, you can calm the mind while walking, biking or being in a busy area. Unpleasant ambient sounds or experiences will have less control over you as you become more familiar with calming your mind.

In this workshop we will explain meditation techniques and practice with supporting visualisations. You learn to support your daily life through meditation and breathing. Daily retreat is not applicable. It is mainly about practical implementation and activating your self-insightful ability. Discover the power of your imagination. Use the influence of positive thinking and help yourself to focus better. At the end of this workshop you know how to use the techniques for your health, work and other subjects. Anyone can participate in this workshop.

Date: to be determined
Location: Heerhugowaard
Time: 2 hours, from 15:00h to 17:00h
Price: € 25.- per person

Workshop Universal Healing

Workshop Universal Healing is a workshop where you learn to balance your energy or keep it balanced at all levels. A pragmatic approach for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support. You learn to listen to yourself better, make the right choices, find a better balance and trust your intuition (even) more. The strength of this method is that it emphasizes how simple it is to use your own power. The techniques are for every age.

In this workshop:
- confidence in yourself
- the impact of your thoughts
- your intention
- transform with help of universal energy
- breathing techniques

At the end of the workshop you can apply the information in a practical way. This workshop is open to anyone.

Date: to be determined
Location: Heerhugowaard
Time: 1 day, from 09:30h to 16:30h, incl. lunch
Price: € 150.- per person

Workshops for children

Palmistry: What is written in the hands? What do all the lines mean? What about your fingerprint? I chew on my nails, regularly have red hands or a big thumb, what does that mean? All these questions will be answered in a playful way in the workshop palmistry. Reading your own ‘book of hands’ is super fun!

Cosmic connection: What does my date of birth mean? What about the colours and the number of leaves of plants? Coincidence of events or not? In this workshop you learn how everything in the universe is interconnected.

Visualize: How do my thoughts impact my life? What can I do with my dreams? How do I use my fantasy? With our fantasy we will have short visualizations and jump into the magical world of imagination.

For questions you can send us an e-mail.