Universal Healing

Universal Healing is a healing method which is created by Universal Healing on the basis of knowledge and experience. Our body, plants, animals, thoughts, emotions… everything is energy. In our body several blockages may occur through which the energyflow stagnates. With help of visualization, breathing and sound channel scan be opened again and kept open.


During a healing session blockages will be removed and your energy balance restored. For this universal energy is being used. The energy flows will be studied and worked on. A healing helps soothe physical pain, balances your emotions and brings mental relaxation. By clearing the blockages your energy and vitality will increase. You might see it as an energy boost for your body. This allows the body to continue its own recovery process. Depending on the severity of the disease, multiple sessions may be required. That will be in consultation. You can do a lot of the healing yourself. You will be advised on what you can do for yourself to speed up the healing process.
A healing can be given in all kind of circumstances.

Major themes are:
* depression
* insomnia
* fatigue
* stress

Animal healing

A healing can also be given to animals. Although mostly practiced on pets it is possible to help any animal. In prinicple it works the same as on humans. During the healing the energy of the animal will be observed and the animal will be listened to.

Combined healing

Animals can react to tension or stress of their ‘owner’. For this reason it also possible to opt for a combined healing session in which both animal (pet and others) and ‘owner’ receive healing energy. During the session you get a clear explanation on what you can do to help yourself and your pet.

Energetic house cleaning

We can also help you to clean/clear your house energetically. For more information you can contact us.