Universal Healing


A world where humans, animals and nature live together in harmony and with respect for each other.


Universal Healing works on a growing consciousness for individuals and on a global level. Through high-quality trainings and individual sessions, we work with heart and soul to deepening of (self)knowledge and get the best out of people. With specific guidance for young and old we support growth in consciousness and unity with everything around us.


  • Respect. Everyone is equal.
  • Integrity. Reliability and trust.
  • Attention. Listening, engagement and being open.
  • Love. Working from the heart.


Nicole Versteeg

Nicole Versteeg is founder and owner of Universal Healing, Centre for Healing & Training. She worked as an HR professional with a multinational company in the late nineties when she got introduced to meditation, palmistry and aurareading. Her curiosity rapidly increased the development of her intuition. She gained a lot of knowledge on cosmic connections between aspects of life. Through this she discovered that people can do a lot to help themselves by working consciously on their own strength and qualities. Shortly after she opened her own practice as a professional palmist and aurareader focussing on the personal development of clients.

In 2011 Nicole learned about Spring Forest Qigong. This simple (self) healing method perfectly fitted her own insights and holistic approach to inner growth. She graduated as a Master Healer, became certified Instructor and founded Universal Healing, Centre for Healing & Training. She developed a healing method “Universal Healing” in which she combined all knowledge and experience to a most efficient healing method. Since then she not only successfully provides training and reading sessions but also guides people in their healing process.

With humor and respect Nicole supports people to continue their journey. She intuitively feels what next steps are important with healing and self development. Using empathic qualities she provides practical support in everyone’s individual process. In the Centre you can attend several training courses and workshops with regard to awareness and development.

Nicole Versteeg

“Being able to practice my passion is special in many ways. By helping people to heal on the inside their own strength and qualities become more visible. I see people grow and become more aware. That is a profound and very beautiful process.”

Nicole Versteeg, Universal Healing